Brin, 17, "artist" and "lady"

If you ask me products need to bring some mystery back in to their relationship with us

So much is dedicated to not pissing off the consumer and we need more products that are dark and enticing. like “taste the rainbow”, c’mon now I want a product that’s sexy and dangerous

I want a commercial where the car pulls up real slowly so the driver can give the border guards his papers, sweating bullets that thank god he can blame on the weather because of the family size bag of skittles taped underneath his hubcaps

I want a girl sitting in the loneliest corner of a library flipping through books and opening an old copy of Pride and Prejudice only to find it hollowed out, an unopened bag of tropical skittles inside. Giving a quick glance in either direction before she slides the book in to her bag, smiling.

I want skittles discreetly exchanged by strangers at a train station who pretend to kiss. I want a grandmother on her deathbed to put a hand on the shoulder of her crying son, motioning to an innocuous brown box beneath the hospital bed, giving him a last wink as he pulls out a handful of sour skittles in shock. An ad where a man wanders the Parisian catacombs for days. He’s weak and lost, a slave to his own pride and doomed by an overconfidence that has turned in to panicked desperation. He quietly wonders if he will die here, and if the joys and despairs of his life will rot with him on the catacomb floors. A lighter his only light source, he can barely see a few feet in front of him. He collapses to his knees, knowing that he will not be getting up again. He looks up and sees a skittles fun size bag, taped to the ceiling. He will not die alone.

A second later, a familiar logo pops up on screen.